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  • - Stringers are extruded aluminum profiles designed to fir
      between and span the pedestal heads to provide lateral   support to the system.
      The stringers DO NOT in any way determine the spacing
      requirements between the pedestals as the holes are
      elongated to allow them to conform to the size of the
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  • - Bracing, which is made of either aluminum or steel   materials, is clamped at pedestal to pedestal or pedestal   to concrete foundation to prevent lateral movement and   any potential dislocation of structure system caused by   possible a little tiny bit of vibration at the upper/lower   side of structure system.
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  • - Damper is available to perforated and grated panels to   adjust air-flow through the floor to balance a room   around tools and work stations.
      They are adjustable from 0~100% open in incremental   settings.
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