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trustpassion technologycompetitiveness clobal marketing leader
신뢰와 열정이 있는 회사

신뢰와 열정이 있는 회사

Trust + passion

Honesty can generate trust and the trust is to be nature of corporation.

Besides, passion is motive power so that corporation can be operated.

We do all the best to be developed ourselves progressively through trust and passion.

기술력과 경쟁력을 갖춘 회사

기술력과 경쟁력을 갖춘 회사

Technology + Competitiveness

Our company has obtained highest technical skills about cleanroom environment. In order to maintain and improve our skills, we are putting our hearts and souls into education for talent development.

글로벌 마케팅의 리더 회사

글로벌 마케팅의 리더 회사

Global marketing + Leader

Our company has obtained technical certificates about products from certificate authorities which have a public trust in domestic and international.

We became a trustworthy corporation at all Raised Access Flooring field by retaining our technical skills.


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